Haunted Manila Festival is the ultimate experience to get scared, have fun, and create memories with your friends & family this Halloween. From October 26-31 in Filinvest City Events Grounds, get thrilled
by terrifying live actors and haunting attractions.

Run for your life at the country’s biggest zombie run, Outbreak Manila. Experience terror and test your problem solving skills with haunted escape rooms and a giant scavenger hunt by Breakout Philippines. Watch Classic Pinoy Horror Movies in our open air cinema, Pelikulagim. Hang out with your family, barkada, and officemates in our Gayuma Food Bazaar and

Trick or Treat Game Stations. And top off the entire experience and enjoy a

Sᴀɴᴛᴇʟᴍᴏ: Halloween Music Party with your favorite OPM bands. Come in your best halloween costumes and win prizes!


Now on its 3rd year, Santelmo continues to enchant party goers by being the highlight of the festival on October 31st with the country’s top OPM bands. Sing along with UDD, December Avenue, I Belong to the Zoo, Callalily, Unique, Autotelic, SUD, The Ransom Collective, Cheats, FERN., One Click Straight, Nathan & Mercury, Any Name’s Okay,

and belt out the classic hits of Aegis!



Enjoy an interactive movie viewing under the stars while surviving roaming scare actors. This is happening during October 27-30 only to make room for the other activities in the festival.

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                                   Haunted Escape Rooms

Breakout’s 6th Halloween Special will fright festival goers from October 26-31!

The haunted escape rooms will focus on Filipino Culture that is rich with horror and folklore.

Outbreak Manila 2.png





Run for your life with the country's biggest zombie run. The first Outbreak was all the way back in 2012 and the zombies are still chasing you all the way until this October 26. Survivors (those who finish with at least one flag) will get exclusive dog tags. Meanwhile everyone will have access to our Zombie DJ Party playing all night.

Run and Zombie DJ Party

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                           Scavenger Haunt

On October 27, Breakout will also be conducting this city wide scavenger hunt with epic prizes up for grabs! Those who participate here will get free access for to the Pelikulagim happening that night.

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Getting candies is not so simple as coming in costume and ringing doorbells. Earn them through playing Halloween Themed Carnival Games. Enjoy this for all 6 nights, October 26-31.


Pinoys love to be scared… and to eat. Be mesmerized with the many different flavors of the Gayuma Food Bazaar. This is the perfect place to bring your family, friends, and coworkers to discover new eateries! Enjoy this for all 6 nights, October 26-31.


Tyang Ne's Costume Contest

Halloween dress-up is highly encouraged and rewarded on October 26th, 27th and 31st. Visit and pay respect at Tyang Ne’s house to submit your application to the costume contest.